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Cinemagic -

  • Bondage Ecstasy- Employer catches housekeeper, looking at bondage photos. She decides to try bondage. fondling,sex, vibrators, some SM, ball+rope gags.
  • Young Wife For Rent- Man asks friend to dominate his wife.He enters home, ties and gags her.   Rapes her at knifepoint. husband joins in later. Couple of ballgag scenes. SM.
  • Abnormal Hunting #8- Woman has affair with bondage partner. SM, sex
  • Cinemagic: Maniac Couples- several segments featuring different girls. bondage/sex, SM rope,ball and cloth gags.
  • Cinemagic: She"s Got Twin Hole-2tight knotted cloth gag, couple of ballgag scenes, couple of leather gag scenes. onscreen gagging. bondage/sex .
  • Cinemagic Noir- Amateur Special- knotted cloth and over the mouth gags.excellent ropework, bondage, SM, sex.
  • Cinemagic Noir #211-Sexy Rubber Dog: this is a bondage film, no SM rubber outfits.
  • Cinemagic- Sexual Demonic Trip- bondage/sex,vibrators, leather outfits, SM .
  • Cinemagic- Crying Baby Doggy Style- bondage/sex, SM would is led around on a leach.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Cinemagic: High School Girl BD- High school girl has bondage/SM sessions with teacher as well as with a fellow student. Lot of bondage scenes.
  • BA#19- Lots of onscreen tying, girl-girl action. Couple onscreen ballgag, 1 knotted cloth, 1SM scene.
  • BA#23-5 women in different segments, SM, vibrators, several cloth gag scenes, also ring+bit gags
  • Cinemagic-CS#2- Lot of different segments, different girls. bondage/sex,s/m quite a few gag scenes. strap,ball,tape.
  • CS#04- guy takes photos to blacmail woman into more SM. bondage/sex,2 ballgag scenes, SM.
  • Cinemagic-CS#27: Hard Slave Night#2- girl explores a bondage/sex relationship. bondage/sex, s/m
  • Cinemagic #53- Bondage, S&M, candlewax, caning, period film.
  • Cinemagic-CS#88- Girl interested in bondage goes to visit a man+his wife. They drug her coffee, then engage in bondage/sex with her. s/m
  • Cinemagic-CS#114-couple engage in bondage/sex games. plenty of bondage/sex. 3 knotted cloth,1 ballgag scene, 2 ofthese done onscreen
  • CS#140- 3 women in different segments, bondage/sex, lots of SM.
  • Cinemagic-CS#171-3 girls star in different segments. onscreen tying, lots of s/m. rope+bit gag scenes
  • Cinemagic-CS#172-Schoool art teacher ties up high school girl. Later principal rapes her. couple cloth gag scenes.
  • Cinemagic-CS#173-high school girl has bondage dreams. She finally finds someone to indulge her fantasies. several gag scenes, cloth+ballgags done onscreen. 2 s/m scenes
  • Cinemagic-CS#174-high school girl has bondage/s/m fantasies. bondage/sex, onscreen tying, long knotted cloth gag scene.
  • Cinemagic-CS#175-period action-2 young women are held captive. bondage/sex, each has long cleave gag scene.
  • Cinemagic-CS#176-Man dominates his wife after she is tied+raped by an intruder. bondage/sex, 1 long s/m scene
  • CS#204- girl is tied onscreen in many positions. 2 knotted cloth,1 ballgag, done onscreen.
  • Cinemagic Noir-#244- bondage, some SM and onscreen gag scenes.
  • Cinemagic #225-while boyfriend works, girl takes on a bondage/s/m partner. bondage/sex, s/m
  • Cinemagic Noir #259- Several different women in bondage segments-several very good gag scenes.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)CN#314- film centers around the well-done gang rape of a high school girl. They video tape her attack, silencing her with a ballgag.
  • Cinemagic #338- Film; gags, S&M, girl-girl action.
  • Cinemagic #335- Schoolgirl kidnapped, gang raped, whipped by female capture.
  • Cinemagic #337 Candlewax, whipping mid-air suspensions.
  • Cinemagic #351- excellent ropework film. panties+ rope gag.
  • Cinemagic" 355- young girl is bond, cleave gagged by young man and attacked. She then has an affair with female teacher. Teacher is attacked by same man and they have an affair. ballgags.
  • Cinemagic #356- bondage/ sex and a couple of tight knotted cloth gagscenes.
  • Cinemagic #357- woman is abducted, held as bondage captive by 2 men.
  • Cinemagic #371- lots of great ropework+ onscreen tying.
  • Cinemagic #374-several gag scenes. bondage/sex. Girl+ mother endure bondage/sex.
  • Cinemagic #375- Lots of ropework, suspensions,S&M, rope + cloth gags.
  • Cinemagic # 391 Girl sees mother + boyfriend doing bondage games.  He discovers she is interested in bondage too. Bondage/sex, several long gag scenes. some SM
  • Cinemagic # 392- 2 students+ teacher are put into bondage by several men. bondage/sex, girl-girl strap on. plenty of SM
  • Cinemagic #395- School teacher discovers student is into bondage. bondage/sex, SM
  • Cinemagic #396- Girl at resort is put into bondage. sex, SM
  • Cinemagic #399  bondage/sex onscreen tying+ gagging. 4 gag scenes, 2 cloth 2 ballgag. First half- bondage/sex, 2nd half bondage+SM
  • Cinemagic Magic #451-Man + a woman dominate young girl in separate scenes. Some SM.
  • Cinemagic L891-2 women end up in bondage. Bondage/sex, lots of knotted cloth gags. onscreen tying+gagging.
  • Cinemagic L1177- schoolteacher educates schoolgirl into the world of bondage. Bondage/sex, S&M
  • L1685:Abnormal High School #6- Schoolgirls are tied up for bondage/rape. SM
  • L1801- girl-girl action,sex,2 ballgag,1 knotted cloth gag scenes. SM
  • VS#541-guy+his girlfriend practice bondage.bondage/sex, SM,ballgag, gauze, panty stuffing gags.
  • Cinemagic VS561- men dominate young woman. Long ballgag+SM scene.
  • VS#572-Woman is tied up in different scenes, by several men.bondage/sex,SM.
  • Cinemagic VS577-8 segments- 2 girl-girl domination segments, strap on sex. bondage/sex, several ballgag scenes.
  • VS#575:Bondage Battle#3-Female undercover agents battle criminals.Leather outfits,girl-girl action, Bondage/rape,SM
  • VS#579:Bondage Battle#4- Female undercover agents again battle criminals. Leather outfits, bondage/rape, SM long tight ballgags scenes on both girls.
  • Vs587- schoolgirl bondage segments, different girls. 1 rape scene, 1SM. bondage/sex, cloth+ballgags
  • VS#588- girl is tied up in many positions by boyfriend.bondage/sex, ball+bit gags. 1 SM scene
  • VS#589-Woman has bondage/sex with husband, till he becomes ill, another man then takes over. bondage/sex,2ballgag, 2 cloth gag scenes, couple done onscreen.
  • Cinemagic VS590- Plenty of bondage/sex, rape. Girls in leather outfits, couple of gag scenes. Some SM
  • VS#591-Couple have bondage/sex, then he allows his friend to have it with her as well. Several ball+knotted cloth scenes.
  • VS#596- waitress in bondage affair with her boss.several gag scenes:2 ballgag, 3 cloth over the mouth, 1 stuffed cloth scene. 1 SM+1 bondage/sex scene.
  • VS#600-Music teacher has bondage/sex with 2 of his students.Plenty of SM
  • VS#602-girl meets guy at bar, another man enters room while they are having sex, they both tie, gag, abduct her. She is held along with another girl, both are raped. cloth,rope,strap, leather plug gags.
  • VS#607-4 segments of bosses tying up their secretaries. fondling, vibrators.
  • VS#610-girl is dressed in several leather outfits. bondage/sex,3 ballgag,1 leather strap scene, 2 applied onscreen.
  • VS#614- after photo session, model is bound. Mouth stuffing with cleave gag, rope gag, couple of ball gag scenes-some done onscreen. bondage/sex.
  • VS#617-3 leather clad agents are captured trying to recover an important disk. 2 balgag, cloth, hooks used for gags. SM


Shark Rape Video

  • Shark #1-Teacher slaps student, student seek revenge by gang-raping teacher.
  • Shark #2--4 guys jump from van, abduct schoolgirl  Bondage/rape.
  • Shark #3-teacher is forced to strip in front of class. She is taken into exercise room by 3 students and raped. good amount of bondage.
  • Shark #4- 3 office workers rape secretary who is working late. They videotape it in order to blackmail her.
  • Shark #5- woman answers knock at door 3 men enter her home. rape.
  • Shark #6--2 repairmen rape high school girl in her home. The force her brother to participate. Bondage.
  • Shark #7-girl is raped by her uncle. Then 2 students tie her+rape her.
  • Shark #8--Aerobics instructor ends up being gang-raped by 3 of the club's members.
  • Shark #9--Student rapes music teacher at knifepoint. Shortly after, he returns with friend and rape her again at knifepoint.
  • Shark #10- 3 students tie+gag teacher on a table and rape her.
  • Shark #11--School teacher is blackmailed with pictures and videotape of her past rape They order her to strip, then 3 of them rape her.
  • Shark #12--Pampered lady treats her servants and staff poorly. Her coffee is drugged She awakens in basement cell. She has to endure sex in order to be fed.
  • Shark #13--High school girl walks by construction site. 3 guys grab her, rape her.
  • Shark #14--Model/singer is attacked by 3 of her bodyguards.  They take turns raping her.
  • Shark Video- #15- Girl is chloroformed in her home by an intruder. Bound+gagged. Tied to a bed and attacked. Later 3 co-workers attack her.
  • Shark #16--3 of teacher's students rape her. They videotape the result.
  • Shark #17--3 students rape music teacher. Bondage. Sequel to Shark #9.
  • Shark #18- Aerobics instructor is attacked by 2 janitors who rape her at knifepoint.
  • Shark #19--While girl's brother rapes her, 2 of his friends drop by. The 3 of them rape her and take pictures.
  • Shark #20- Guy owes loan sharks money. They grab his wife, hold her captive and rape her.
  • Shark #21--Men use van to abduct high school girl. 3 of them rape her. Later they rape her again, filming it this time.
  • Shark #22--High school girl is pulled into van and chloroformed.  Several rape scenes.
  • Shark #24- nurse is strapped to examination table. raped on a couch. later bound+gang raped.
  • Shark #25--Man owes drug dealers money. One invades his home, raping his wife. Later, 3 of them rape her.
  • Shark Video #26- Young woman is kept in basement by 3 men. cleave gag.
  • Shark #27- girl on camping outing is grabbed by 2 men and raped.Later 2boys from group tie, gag and rape her.
  • Shark #28-- Woman performs in sex film. Afterwards, guy rapes her and they film it. Later, another girl is raped at knifepoint.
  • Shark #29- guys invade home of schoolgirl. They bind+gag her. bondage/rape. Long bondage scene.
  • Shark #30--2 guys rape office lady. Another co-worker joins in as they film it.
  • Shark #31- 2 guys chloroform + abduct girl. rape.
  • Shark #32--Female doctor is captured, raped by 2 men. Later, a 3rd man joins in.
  • Shark #33- group of students along with principal gang rape teacher. cuffs and tight cloth gag scene.
  • Shark #34--High school girls threaten to expose 3 students she catches using drugs. They gang-rape her. Bondage/rape.
  • Shark #35- # guys enter woman"s home and gangrape her.
  • Shark #36-Tired of the office supervisors treatment, 3 workers, one female plot revenge by raping her. Strap on rape as well.
  • Shark #37-women's co-workers attack + rape her in several separate scenes.
  • Shark #38- Man captures a stewardess and rapes her. bondage.
  • Shark Video#39- Female cooking critic insults 2 chefs. They get revenge by raping her.
  • Shark #40- ex- cons abduct female prosecutor they chloroform her. bondage, rape.
  • Shark #41--Teacher and student invade home of high school girl, rape her.Later, at school, teacher and 3 students rape her.
  • Shark #42--Female stock market trader loses large sumof money. 2 co-workers rape her.
  • Shark # 43- Woman"s housebound is held in order to blackmail her into sex. Later other men show up + rape her.
  • Shark #44- Schoolgirl abducted by janitor. Later while bound+ blindfolded principal rapes her. bondage/rape.
  • Shark #45- Photographer rapes housewife, then repairman. Husbands receives photos and rapes her too.
  • Shark #46- Woman chloroformed, wakes up in bondage. 2 guys rape her.
  • Shark #47- two students are given detention. They then rape teacher. bondage.
  • Shark #48--Motorcycle racing model is raped by guy at knifepoint. 2 clients rape her at knifepoint.
  • Shark #49- Swimming instructor is raped at poolside.  Then taken into storage room, gangraped on a mattress.
  • Shark #50- young man in debt allows 2 guys to rape his girlfriend.
  • Shark #51- Large breasted female gang leader is raped by 2 guys.  Later large group of men rape her.
  • Shark #52- Students abduct teachers sister forcing her to submit to their desires.
  • Shark #53--2 patients in hospital rape nurse. Doctor comes in room and joins them.
  • Shark #54- 2 students+teacher rape young girl.
  • Shark #55- Schoolgirl is raped in basement, by students + teacher. Later she is attacked + raped again. 
  • Shark #56- female undercover agent is captured by drug dealers. They photograph + gang rape her, hoping to blackmail her.
  • Shark #57- Male members of wedding party give bride a rape reception.several gang rape scenes.
  • Shark #58--Office lady is gang-raped by 3 men. They hold her captive in a basement cell where they continue to rape her.
  • Shark #59- entire film has bondage+rape. long rope+gag rapescene.
  • Shark #60- 3 guys follow girl home. She opens the door, they attack + gang-rape her. bondage
  • Shark #61- Former student comes into classroom and rapes teacher.  He gives students photos which they use to blackmail her.
  • Shark #62- when woman fires servant, man and 2 of his friends gang rape her.
  • Shark #63- Schoolgirl+ boyfriend out camping. 2 guys beat up boyfriend,abduct girl. bondage. Later at school they rape her again.
  • Shark Video #64- woman is chloroformed, wakes up bound and gagged. her gangrape is then filmed.
  • Shark #65- Student sent to principals office, is raped by him.  Later a fellow student rapes her by knifepoint in the nurses office.
  • Shark #66--Student rapes teacher after school. Several students gang-rape her.
  • Shark #67-Girl returns from school, 2 intruders have her mother bound+gagged. She is kept in bondage for about half of the film. Mother is forced to watch daughter being raped.
  • Shark #68- Schoolgirl is abducted off the street and gangraped at knifepoint.
  • Shark #69- Guy follows woman into bathroom, ties+ gags her with nylon stockings, rapes her. She ends up raped 2 more ties, finally by her boyfriend.
  • Shark #70- Man ties, gags and rapes his stepdaughter. Later 2 classmates rape her too.
  • Shark #71--Lady has tape recorded evidence against criminals. 3 of them rape her. She is later captured and raped again.
  • Shark #72- Aerobic instructor is raped by 2 of her students while club owner videotapes it.
  • Shark #73--3 employees rape company CEO. Later 2 of them rape her again.
  • Shark #74- School girl abducted by 3 men+gang raped. Some bondage.
  • Shark #75- Guy visits nurse, faking injury.  His friend reaches into cabinet, gets chloroform out and gabs nurse. She awakens bound+gagged.  3 of them then rape her.
  • Shark #76--Female doctor is raped by fellow doctors. They tie her up, use vibrators.
  • Shark #77--2 students pull high school girl into room, rape her. The janitor rapes her too.
  • Shark #78- Motorcycle pinup girl is tied and raped.  Later 2 guys at bar rape her. Shark #80- Real estate lady rents out house to people for studio. She discovers they intend to film a rape video, she stops them.  They decide to make her the star of the video by gangraping her.
  • Shark #79--2 students rape high school girl. Also raped by 3 students.
  • Shark #81--2 students and music teacher rape high school girl. They film the attack.
  • Shark #82--Lady food critic gives the thumbs down to 2 chefs. The 2 of them and the manager rape her.
  • Shark #83-girl dressed in black leather attempts to steal rare artifact from house. Her capture results in her being raped by the occupants. bondage.
  • Shark #84--Fellow student follows high school girl home and rapes her. 2 students rape her at school.
  • Shark #85- Swimming instructor is first raped in pool, then on a bed by 3 guys.
  • Shark #86- Uncooperative fashion model is gang raped by the photographers.. bondage
  • Shark #87- Ill tempered actress is raped by several men. They film the different rapes.
  • Shark #88- Student with knife breaks into schoolgirls house, rapes her at knifepoint. Him+ his friends attack her later.
  • Shark #89- Principal + former student, rape school girl. Later she is tied up in basement + raped again.
  • Shark #90- Large breasted swimsuit model end up being gangraped by her manager + 2 photographers. bondage
  • Shark #91- Motorcycle pinup model ends up being raped.  Later 2 other guys rape her.
  • Shark #92--3 co-workers rape office lady. Later, they rape her again.
  • Shark #93--Fellow worker rapes female travel agent.  2 co-workers chloroform her. She awakens in bondage. They both rape her.
  • Shark#94-2 students attack high school girl in her bedroom at knifepoint. She"s raped later,again at knifepoint.
  • Shark#95-Girl goes to classmates house to tutor him. She is gang raped by 2 classmates and their father.
  • Shark #96-2 guys invade room of high school girl. They force her stepbrother to join in her attack.
  • Shark#97-Female kickboxer is attacked at the gym, after her water bottle is spiked. Later she is attacked on a bed.
  • Shark#98-Female gymnast is gang raped by 3 of her teammates. bondage/rape 2 bondage scenes.
  • Shark#99- 3 guys take turns raping woman on a camping expedition. 3 bondage scenes.
  • Shark#100-Girls drink is spiked, she awakens bound+gagged. Later she is bound+gagged raped by same guy+bartender. Cloth+ballgag. bondage/rape.
  • Shark#101-4 men gang rape office lady. Later 2 guys rape her. bondage.
  • Shark#102- High school girl is gang raped. Later they rape her again, this time filming it. Finally wrists tied+raped.
  • Shark#103-Actress is raped. Later female film director is gang raped while they film it. Finally raped by 1 guy. bondage.
  • Shark #104--4 guys gang-rape female counselor at retreat. Bondage, rape, couple of bondage scenes.
  • Shark #105--Guys rape girl, takes pictures. 2 guys from computer class rape her. Bondage.
  • Shark #106--4 guys rape woman at restaurant. 3 of them rape her again. Bondage.
  • Shark #107--Student being tutored after school rapes teacher. Maintenance man and principal end up raping her
  • Shark #108--3 guys rape woman, take photos of the attack.
  • Shark #109--3 guys grab girl off street, pull her into van. They take her to a house and gang-rape her.
  • Shark #110--Office lady gang-raped by 3 co-workers. 2 of them rape her again. Bondage/rape.
  • Shark #111--Woman steals money from businessman.  He follows her and gets money back. He and his partner rape her. Bondage/rape.
  • Shark#112- After school 2 students rape teacher. Several rape her in classroom before she is taken down into the basement and raped again.
  • Shark#113- 2 guys begin by raping nurse at clinic. Later 2 doctors rape her on examination table.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Shark#114-Female security guard catches 2 men trying to torch building. She is raped by the 2 of them, then another security guard joins in. One scene she is tied+knotted cloth gagged.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Shark#115- Race car model is held down and raped by 3 men. Then she is tied to a bed, while one of them rapes her. Later all 3 rape her again.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Shark#116-3 students rape teacher, give photos to other classmates, who in turn blackmail her ino sex with entire class. She ends up tied up in basement, raped again as well.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Shark#117- fitness instructor is gangraped by 3 men. Taken to an apartment, raped again. bondage
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Shark#118-As high school girl arrives at school, man abducts her. He keeps her captive, raping her. Final scene 2 other men join raping her. bondage/rape.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Shark#119- female agent drinks coffee, which is drugged, shw wakes up in bondage. several bondage/rape scenes as she is kept captive.
  • Shark#120-tour bus guide is forced at knifepoint by 2 men to strip, then raped. taken to a house for more rape. bondage/rape.
  • Shark#121-Woman"s husband passes away, his freinds rape her. bondage
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Shark#122- High school girl is raped twice, by 2 of her classmates. Also tied up and raped by her step-brother
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Shark#123- Female bartender is raped by new guy she meets. Later co-worker ties and rapes her.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Shark#124- 3 guys rape female swimmer, raping her in pool. She also end up tied and raped.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Shark#125- 3 guys gangrape woman in her hotel room. 3 rape scenes. Couple of bondage scenes.


Eccentric Psycho Cinema

  • Eccentric Psycho Cinema #1- Guy keeps woman a bondage prisoner. Fondling ,knife play- brutal ending.
  • Eccentric Psycho Cinema #2- Girl is held captive in mans home. Sexual torture, nudity, brutal ending.
  • Eccentric Psycho Cinema #3-woman is kept in bondage, fondling knifeplay, rough ending.
  • Eccentric Psycho Cinema # 4- Airline stewardess is held captive. Fondling, tied up most of film. Bloody ending.
  • Eccentric Psycho Cinema # 5- High school girl is abducted. Tied for nearly all of film. fondling, bloody ending.
  • Eccentric Psycho Cinema #6- woman in a pet shop is chloroformed, wakes up in basement. bondage/rape. In the end he decides to keep her in a cage.
  • Eccentric Psycho #7- schoolgirl is kept in bondage. rough bloody ending.



  • Attackers: Job Hunting Office Lady- SM, bondage/sex, 2 long .
  • Attackers: Sexual Break In Dress Up Doll-contains bondage/sex, ballgag scene.
  • Attackers: Confined Office Lady: Boss has girl deliver papers, turns out to be a trap as 2 men capture her. Bondage/sex cleave gag + mouth stuffing gags.
  • Attackers #1- School girl abducted from street,held in basement prison. SM,rope+knotted cloth gags.
  • Attackers series-#2- principle, janitor and school kids punish female teacher. some SM paper stuffed in mouth and long ballgag scene.
  • Attackers #3-Man drugs woman's coffee. Bondage, vibrators,plastic clothespins.
  • Attackers: #4- Photographer drugs models drink, ties her up. SM,bondage/sex.
  • Attackers: #5-school administrators discipline schoolgirl.bondage/sex, SM, ballgag scene.
  • Attackers:#9-woman behind on her mortgage gives into 2 men's bondage demands. bondage/sex,SM, ballgag scene.
  • Attackers#12-High school girl +her mother are tied up and forced to watch each other being tormented. SM,sex
  • Attackers#14-school teacher+janitor keep school girl captive in basement. SM,sex.
  • Attackers# 19- school girl tells teacher about her rape. He takes her to clinic, Dr. injects her, she awakens in bondage. Plenty of SM. sex
  • Attackers #20- 2 guards discover bank secretary is embezzling money. They blackmail her into into bondage + SM, and sex. Plenty of SM, couple of ballgag scenes, attractive girl.
  • Attackers#21- 2 supervisors tie up office lady. the videotape her rape. plenty of s/m , ballgag, bondage/sex scene
  • Attackers#23- cocktail waitress is bound afterhours by 2 men. plenty of s/m. 2 ballgag scenes, vibrators,sex.
  • Attackers#24- high school girl sees men with open suitcase full of drugs. They keep her captive in basement cell. Plenty of SM
  • Attackers#27-Girl working as security guard is grabbed by an intruder.SM,vibrators,sex.
  • Attackers#28- Female ballerina is attacked by clubs 2 maintenance men. She is kept tied up in the basement. fondling,vibrators, sex,s/m.
  • Attackers#29- 2 teachers hold mother and daughter captive. plenty of SM. sex
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Attackers#36- Girl goes to visit a female friend. Her stay becomes permanent, as her friend and boyfriend keep her in basement, to be used as their sex slave. Bondage/rape, girl-girl action. Plenty of SM, long ballgag scene.


Chloroform Rape Series
  • WDJ #2- woman is grabbed off of street, chloroformed. She is gang raped, part of rape she is unconscious, the other part semi- conscious.
  • WDJ #1- 4 office workers attack co-worker. She fights them so they chloroform her.   She remains unconscious throughout gangrape.
  • WDJ #3- 4 guys grab girl in dark tunnel. chloroform her. As she comes out of the effects as they begin to rape her, they chloroform her a second time.
  • WDJ #4- 3 students capture teacher, hold her as principal chloroforms her. She remains unconscious throughout her ordeal.
  • WDJ#5-School girl is attacked by a student+teacher. She fights back, so teacher chloroforms her. They both rape her, while she remains unconscious.
  • WDJ#6-2 guys chloroform girl. She regains consciuosness, so they chloroform her a second time. They take turns raping her.
  • WDJ#7-Flight stewardess is chloroformed by 2 men. he remains unconscious while they rape her.
  • WDJ#8-2 guys rejected by office lady, chloroform her. THey give her a second dose, to be sure she doesn"t awaken during the rape.
  • WDJ#9-Woman applies for office position, chlorofromed,raped, remains unconscious
  • WDJ#10-Woman applies for office job, 3 men attack her. Struggles, gets chloroformed. She regains consciousness, chloroformed again. Rape.
  • WDJ#11- Woman applies for job, chlorormed, raped, remains unconscious.
  • WDJ#12- Woma at interview is choroformed after struggle. Remains unconscious,rape.
  • DG #1- Girl being interviewed by photographer is chloroformed by his assistant. They take turns raping + filming her. She remains unconscious throughout.
  • DG#2-Gut tries to get model to have sex. She refuse so he chloroforms her. She remains unconscious during the attack.
  • DG#3-Guy interviews girl, then chloroforms her. Semi-conscious toward end of rape.
  • DG#4-Guy starts talking with girl, then chloroforms her. She stays unconscious during the rape.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)HD#1- Bizarre and realistic rape by a doctor in his office. He constantly injects the girl with needle to make sure she stays unconsciuos while her rapes and films her in different positions.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)HD#2- follows the same as HD#1 except a different girl is used.
http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Ultra Rare Videos
  • TM #1- 3 segments. vacant lot, ski slope and open field is where the girl is raped.
  • TM #5-# rape segments- delivery man abducts and rapes woman while she is bound + gagged. Masked man rapes high school girl. 2 guys invade house raping woman.
  • TM #7- guy spots couple having sex in car, he ties guy to a tree and rapes the girl at knifepoint. Later he enters woman's house and rapes her.
  • Body #18- Model finds herself  leather strap + bit gagged. bondage/sex. She returns later for anther bondage/sex session.
  • Hyper Violence #5- Bartender and girl sitting at bar after hours are attacked by 2 men. They tie + rape her.
  • ZAk #2 Girl is grabbed off of street, taken into a living room full of guys, who gang rape her.
  • Stuff #3- 3 rape segments, long one with 2 guys raping a teacher.
  • Wild Zebra #2, 4 these 2 videos feature a woman grabbed off the street and taken to a party where the guests put on surgical masks + sunglasses. Some of the guests participate in the gang rape.
  • Gaki #11,12,13,14,15 and 16. These 6 videos feature 4 rape segments in each video. Some of these are filmed outdoors as well.
  • GM#9-Girl models in front of car, they push her into trunk, take her to a garage where 2 of them rape her. Taken to upstairs apartment where 2 more rapes occur, one a bondage/rape.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)XDJ#1- 3 rape file stories- File#1- 2 guys invade home of sleeping girl, rape her. Next 2 stories guy enters home at night, rapes girl.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Muge#4- Dozens of scenes of rapes,gangrapes, some bondage/rape. lots of short segments. Muge videos are 2 hours long.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)INF#2- office lady is chloroformed by 3 men, awakens bound+gagged. They force her to strip, then rape her.
  • Inf#5- 5 rape sements- different girls. bondage/rape. cloth gag scenes.
  • Hard#4-2 guys follow high school girl home, invading her home. THey tie and gag her. Cloth+tape gags.bondage/rape
  • Qlk@2- 2 high school girls are gangraped in classroom full of students.
  • Qlk#3-2 office ladies are raped in front of all their co-workers.
  • GM#32-3 guys enter hair salon, raping the girl inside
  • GM#34- 4 guys spot rich lady getting into limo. They follow and enter her home, raping her.
  • Rasetu#1- 3 guys rape 2 office ladies, while co-workers either watch or join in.
  • Rasetu#2- after modeling for group of photograpers, girl is attacked and raped by them.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)RW#1- 3 guys abduct young woman, take her to apt. They take turns raping her.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Muge#2-2 hours og high school girls being abducted and raped. dozens of scenes. bondage. bondage/rape.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Muge#3- 2 hours of young women being gangraped. Many segments.


http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Raped Pupil

  • RP#1-- 2 guys offer schoolgirl a ride. She ends up bound + gagged to a chair. They untie her + rape her. Several long hand-gag scenes.
  • RP#2-- Guys follow schoolgirl in car, grab her in elevator, take her to the basement. Lots of hand-gag, rape.
  • RP#3-- Schoolgirl is bound + gagged to a bed + raped by students. bondage/rape
  • RP#4-- Schoolgirl is caught by several guys in bathroom,raped. Later 3 guys return for more. Several hand-gag scenes.
  • RP#5-- guy invites schoolgirl to his house, 3 of his friends are there waiting. gangrape.
  • RP#6-- 4 guys grab schoolgirl pulling her into car. take her to house and rape her.
  • RP#7-- schoolgirl comes to guys apt. guy + 2 of his friends attack+rape her.
  • RP#8-- Schoolgirl enters guys apt. Him+ his friends proceed to gangrape her.
  • RP#9-- Schoolgirl grabbed off of street, bound + gagged in basement. Guy rapes her, afterwards 3 guys come in and rape her as well.
  • RP#10-- Schoolgirl finds herself bound + gagged in a storage room. Guy rapes her, later 2 of his friends rape her too.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)RP#11- High school girl pulled into van,raped in back of van. Taken to > empty classroom, raped again.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)RP#12- High school girl abducted by 3 men in a van. They rape her in van. > bondage
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)RP#13- 3 guys drive high school girl to an apt. where the gangrape her.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)RP#14- High school girl gets into van, 3 of them take her to apt. where > the rape and film it.

http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Mad Rapers: High School Gal Series

  • Mad Rapers#1- High school girl gets into van with 3 guys. They rape her in van, then in field.
  • Mad Rapers#2- 3 guys pull high school girl off of street, into van. They rape her along the way as well as at a seclude area that they stop at.
  • Mad Rapers#3-Guy phones high school girl, she gets into their van. They all rape her in van, then in abandoned building.
  • Mad Rapers#4-High school girl enters a van, loaded with 3 guys. THey rape her in van, then again out in the woods.

http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)RT Series (Raped Teacher)

  • RT#1-- School teacher is tied to a chair + fondled in long scene.  She is then untied + raped.
  • RT#2-- Student ties teachers hands above her head, photographs + fondles her.He unties her, forces her to strip.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)RT#3- 3 students tie+cleave gag teacher. First half of video she is bound+gagged. They then strip+rape her.
  • RT #4 Teacher is bound+ cleave gagged in long scene.  Then 3 students gang rape her. 
  • RT #5- 4 students take teacher into large storage room + rape her. bondage.


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