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Bizarre Life #11

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Bizarre Life #22

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Bizarre Life #34

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Scandal #3

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Scandal #8

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Scandal #10

S&M/Bondage - order Horror/Thrillers -order Clover's Night -order
Bizarre Life - order Scandal -order Slave Hunter -order
Abnormal Privacy -order Bondage Fantasy -order Cinemagic -order
Shark Rape -order Eccentric Psycho -order Attackers -order
Ultra Rare Videos -order http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Mojo Videos -order
http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Babe Series http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Original Series -order


Japanese Horror/Thrillers -
  1. Star of Dave: Beauty Hunting- Man kidnaps schoolgirls for bondage and S&M training, his father shows up later and joins him. (subtitles).
  2. XX:Beautiful Victims- Bondage rapist on the loose as pretty doctor works with female detective to try and solve the case.( subtitles).
  3. XX: Beautiful Prey- Lots of leather and assorted kinky situations as women enjoy S&M.(subtitles).
  4. Rape Man- tapes 1, 2, 3- Teacher by day, mask superhero by night for a good cause and a good sum of money he rapes bad girls who deserve it.(subtitles).
  5. Wizard of Darkness- Kids trapped in a school with a killer, occult themes. (subtitles).
  6. Japanese scene tapes- these are 6 of these. These are bondage scenes from mainstream films in Japan (TV+movies) these are listed as Jap. Scene tape #1 Jap. scene tape #2 etc.
  7. Angel Of Darkness #1- co-eds are abducted for unusual experiments. Lots of ballgags. This is an animated film.
  8. Angel Of Darkness #2- cloth gags, usual rape of students and Teachers. Animation.
  9. Angel Of Darkness #3- Girl gets revenge on gang of girls who assault, She ties them up for some SM. Rape scenes also.


For ordering purposes, these films should be referred to as THRILLER #1, #2, #3 ETC.

  1. Women is raped on beach front kept bound and gagged, and at home she has a rapist sister.
  2. Bondage S&M brutal murders.
  3. Lots of bondage, killer ties them up, has sex with them while wire noose is around their necks.
  4. Soft core sex and bondage scenes.
  5. This is more of a horror film, lots of bondage and kinky situations, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  6. Woman comic book artist held in bondage by crazed female fan.
  7. Women's new employer drugs her, then she wakes up and finds herself in bondage, lots of nudity and bondage, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  8. Young man comes to stay with his fiancÚ and mother discovers his future mother-in-law is going to a hotel for bondage, S&M fun, he ends up killing a man and takes over with the mother n law in kinky S&M games, lots of simulated sex, bondage, whipping, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  9. Lots of kinky bondage and S&M, murders.
  10. Women are tied up and raped, murdered as female autopsy doctor helps to investigate the case.
  11. Nudity and bondage.
  12. Schoolgirls sex , some bondage.
  13. This is a period action film. Contains a bondage/rape scene.
  14. 2 masked men tie gag and rape a young woman in long rough scene. Women gets revenge on attackers.
  15. Girl watches girl bound for S&M, she is then bound for for sex, her husband then ties keeps her tied up.
  16. Woman spies on neighbor with binoculars, women sets her up for blackmail women finds that she enjoys to be a call girl.
  17. Woman goes to musicians house gets tied up and raped he keeps her bound and gagged then she is taken to an underground basement for more bondage and rape.
  18. A man's wife is filmed while drugged and gang raped, this is more of a drama.
  19. Killer kidnaps woman and rapes her while her parents are forced to listen to it on the phone.
  20. A couple run over a man women cares for him, some bondage, also softcore sex.
  21. Softcore sex with a young schoolgirl, who gets kidnapped and gang raped.
  22. Several bondage scenes, 2 female officers gun down a drug gang.
  23. Schoolgirl is bound+gagged raped by 2 men. They turn her into a junkie. sex, nudity. Also a 2nd bondage scene.
  24. lady officer fighting against organized crime. 2 bondage scenes, a rape scene and a bondage torture scene.
  25. Period film- woman poses for bondage artist. Plenty of topless bondage couple of cleave gag scenes.
  26. Female Detective investigates drug gang. She is captured and raped by 2 men. Later she is raped at gunpoint.
  27. Thriller #27-Female undercover cop investigates a brutal murder.She is knocked out, awakens in bondage. She is hen raped. later2 guys rape her. nudity, sex.
  28. Thriller #28- woman working at sex clinic ends up getting raped.leather blindfold sex. plenty of nudity + sex.
  29. 3 guys jump out of van + grab girl. They beat+gangrape her in long scene. She allows the 3 guys to capture her so she can get bloody revenge, but not before she is gang raped again. nudity,sex.
  30. Police investigate a bondage killing. Plenty of nudity+ bondage scenes.
  31. Man dominates his girlfriend, then begins to stalk another girl. His girlfriend becomes jealous and uses a stun-gun to abduct the girl. She ties, gags and abuses the girl. Lots of bondage/sex, nudity, gag scenes. Excellent.
  32. Girl is kept in constant bondage by her boyfriend. Bondage/sex
  33. Woman gives ride to bicyclist she hits. Once at his house, family takes her captive. Bondage/rape, nudity.
  34. Woman is bound+raped by male+ female co-workers. Fantasies of this excite her. nudity, sex
  35. Cop + her boyfriend witness a murder. Rogue cops pursue them. Several bondage scenes. Bondage/rape. sex, nudity
  36. Dr. rapes patients while they are under. Couple of chloroform scenes. Woman are bound, one he rapes while she is conscious, bound + gagged.
  37. Several bondage scenes. period film with sword play.  Bondage/rape with sword handle.
  38. Guy tries to get girl away from gangster boyfriend. Plenty of softcore sex. bondage/rape scene. She is then left bound+ gagged as bait.
  39. Teenager buys surveillance equipment to spy on neighbor, who has an attractive young girl making nighttime appearances. Several bondage scenes, softcore sex+ nudity.
  40. Guy goes to a show, where a woman ties up another lady.  Wife finds his photos and decides she wants to try bondage. bondage/sex scenes.
  41. Lady cop investigates drug gang. couple of  bondage scenes, nudity, softer sex.
  42.  Girl moves in with girlfriend. Her brother ties + rapes her.  Later she allows her boyfriend to tie + rape her also. Bondage/rape.
  43. Masked bondage rapist on the loose. He invades homes, tying, gagging and raping the young women inside. Excellent, Highly recommended!
  44. Man + wife practice bondage, they also involve others. Another woman joins them for bondage/sex. Her niece ends up bound + raped.
  45. Married woman has b/f, they enjoy bondage/sex. She is later trained to be in an SM show at a nightclub. Lots of bondage, as well as bondage sex.
  46. Woman's husband is killed + she is raped. Later killer abducts her & keeps her tied up in basement. Several brutal bondage/rape scenes. Excellent!
  47. Guys throw parties, then gang-rape girls. 3 rape scenes.
  48. Girl is kidnapped by 2 guys + a woman. Bondage and a couple of rape scenes.
  49. http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Female detective investigates a rape/murder. Another school girl is bound, gagged and abducted for rape. Detective is captured by the serial rapist as well.
  50. http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Starts with a bondage/rape scene. During a home invasion, wife is raped, husband killed. Woman is then held captive. bondage, several rape scenes.
  51. http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Guy abducts woman, keeps her bound and tape gagged in his apt. In the end she decides to stay. Lots of bondage struggling scenes.
  52. http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Guy stalks woman, phone calls, follows her. Finally he gets woman + a female co-worker trapped in her home. He rapes both of them, while husband is forced to watch. bondage.

Clovers Night Series
These feature a storyline of: Setup, Stalk, Capture, binding + gagging, and finally the "Taking of the Damsel"! Most of the gag scenes feature cleave or knotted clot or mouth stuffing with cleave gag!

  • Clovers Night #1- Woman has a man abduct a woman just as she's mailing evidence against her. through the use of bondage he gets her to recant her story!.
  • Clovers Night #2- Jealous rival has a model abducted. Guy photographs her as she is helplessly bound and gagged!.
  • Clovers Night #3-woman abducted off street. We next see her as a bound + gagged captive.
  • Clovers Night #4- Boss gives secretary lots of expensive jewelry and clothes, but it gets him nowhere. He gives her directions to see a client which becomes a trap!.
  • Clovers Night #5-Woman and her boyfriend indulge in bondage games, leading to a fantasy capture and abduction.
  • Clovers Night #6-Two girls indulge in bondage, one tying and gagging the other. They also engage in strap-on dildo sex.
  • Clovers Night #7-Guy stalks girl-jumps her as she opens her door to her apartment. Let the bondage begin!.
  • Clovers Night#8- Man stalks a schoolgirl, threatening phone call, then he picks the lock, chloroforms her, she awakes to a bondage nightmare.
  • Clovers Nigh #9-Girl is kept in willing bondage by her female friend. A surprise visit by the dominant girl's boyfriend results in both girls being bound and gagged as he takes revenge on the submissive girl.
  • Clovers Night #10- Girl turns down co-workers advances. He pays a knife wielding psycho to go to her apartment and tie and gag her! He shows up after she is helpless to get his revenge.
  • Clovers Night #11- Girl gives her friend directions, which turn out to be a warehouse, where a bondage maniac captures her! The other girl then goes on a date with the captive girls boyfriend!.
  • Clovers Night #12- Co- worker gets girls address from file cabinet and captures her outside of her apartment, chloroforms her and abducts her!.
  • Clovers Night #13- Woman excepts ride from a stranger, he lets her out then follows her. We next see her in abandoned building as his bound and gagged captive.
  • Clovers Night #14-Girl soon tires of self-bondage, meets with mail correspondent. This develops into a bondage/sex relationship.
  • Clovers Night #15- man has another man abduct schoolgirl for him so he can have bondage/sex with her.
  • Clovers Night #16-Guy stalks girl until she reaches her apartment, chloroforms her, she awakens to find herself a bound and gagged captive!.
  • Clovers Night #17- Dr. offers girl a ride to his private clinic where he chloroforms her-she awakens in bondage.
  • Clovers Night #18- Girl is attacked by a masked intruder while she sleeps. Next day chauffeur climbs into back seat and chloroforms her. She awakens in warehouse helplessly bound and gagged!.
  • Clovers Night #19- Woman befriends girl, she gets into car and man hiding in back seat chloroforms her. They both enjoy their helpless captive!.
  • Clovers Night #20- Girl meets man on first date, brushes him off. He follows her, chloroforms her. She finds herself a bound + gagged captive. Soon after he releases her he phones her and she meets with him. She has decided being a b+g captive isn't so bad after all!.
  • Clovers Night #21- Girl goes to a phone booth, accidentally leaves her address book behind. Man waiting to use phone picks it a and pays one of the woman's friends a surprise bondage visit!.
  • Clovers Night #22- Schoolgirl stays late to get help from teacher. She soon finds herself bound and gagged. He uses photos to blackmail her into more bondage games.

Bizarre Life

These have storylines, some have a little S+M, which Clovers Night do not.

  • Bizarre Life #6- Guy hits on girl at bar; she throws drink a drink in his face. He invades her home and gets his revenge..
  • Bizarre Life #8-Guy and his girlfriend act out bondage/kidnap fantasies-lots of different gags.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Bizarre Life #9- callgirl is disciplined by her pimp for withholding money. He has her gangraped. bondage/sex, s/m
  • Bizarre Life #10-  bondage/sex man+ housekeeper enter into bondage relationship. several cloth gag scenes. lots of bondage/sex.
  • Bondage Life #12- Burglar enters home, ties and cleave gags woman. couple of cloth gag scenes. bondage/rape.
  • Bizarre Life #13- Female nurse is bound and attacked by 2 doctors at hospital..
  • Bizarre Life #16- Part of Gambling Debt, man, gives his wife to the winner for 2 very attractive women- sex bondage and some S&M..
  • Bizarre Life #17- Man enjoys watching his wife being dominated by another man. Has SM.
  • Bizarre Life #18- 2 masked man chase, capture and attack girl. She awakens in a deserted building bound and gagged on a bed. Several long cleave gagscenes.
  • Bizarre Life # 20- Intruder ties up girl for S&M and sex..
  • Bizarre Life#21- Girl keeps turning down Guys advances, so he enlists a friend to join him in going to her house. They chloroform her and abduct her. She is kept as their bound and gagged sex captive.
  • Bizarre Life #22- Girl arrives home late, she pays for it with lots of bondage. Very long cleave gag scenes..
  • Bizarre Life #23-2 men dominate women. She enjoys SM.
  • Bizarre Life #24- Bondage, vibrator, S&M, and candlewax..
  • Bizarre Life #25- Woman has bondage dreams. At office coworker puts drug in her coffee, then attacks her. He follows her home for more bondage/sex fantasies..
  • Bizarre Life#31- Man sprays mist into girls face, she awakens bound and gagged. In the end she decides she likes being a helpless captive..
  • Bizarre Life #34- this film contains no S+M- Man sees attractive woman in elevator, abducts her! Lots of knotted cloth gags, as he takes" his helpless captive.



  • Scandal #2- intruder breaks in binds, gags and attacks woman. He phones her later, she agrees to meet, she decides she wants to be his captive. Contains S+M..
  • Scandal #3- Woman behind on her mortgage payment must endure bondage sessions.
  • Scandal #5-Guy slips drug into girl's drink, she awakens at his apartment, bound and gagged. She soon comes to enjoy her bondage..
  • Scandal #6-Man indulges his bondage/sex fantasies with 2 willing women..
  • Scandal #7-Man passes out from drinking, his friend then dominates guy's wife. She enjoys bondage, sex.
  • Scandal #8-Limo driver drops off woman; later breaks into the bride's apartment. After many bondage sessions he telephones the groom and tells him wedding is off. No S+M..Scandal series- #9- man + woman enjoy bondage/sex games. cloth gags.
  • Scandal #10- Man follows woman; chloroforms her. She finds herself bound and gagged in abandoned building. She decides she likes being a helpless captive. No S+M..
  • Scandal #12- couple of cleave gag scenes, rope gag, bondage/sex. some SM.
  • Scandal #13- Woman gets bondage books in mail. She decides to experiment with bondage. bondage/sex, SM.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Scandal#17-co-ed has bondage/sex dreams involving her professor. Her dreams become reality. bondage/sex, onscreen cloth+ball gag scenes.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Scandal#18-girl takes her deceased sister"s place, enduring bondage/s?m. lots of s/m. sex


Slave Hunter

  • Slave Hunter #1- man chloroforms waitress, abducts her. She comes to enjoy bondage/sex. Lots of tight knotted cloth gagscenes.
  • Slave Hunter #2- Man sticks needle into girl knocking her out. He then abducts her for bondage/sex. Plenty of cloth gag scenes.
  • Slave Hunter #3- Girl is tied up and held for sex; more of a bondage film..
  • Slave Hunter #4- woman is attacked by 2 men in a warehouse. Warehouse manager finds her bound and gagged in a box. He decides to keep her as his b+g captive. Cloth + ballgags.
  • Slave Hunter #6- Guy chloroforms girl and puts her in a van; takes her to empty basement. She enjoys being his captive. No S+M..
  • Slave Hunter #7- Driver Chloroforms girl. She ends up in abandoned building as his sex captive..
  • Slave Hunter #8- fashion model is followed home by photographer. He ties her for bondage/sex. Long cloth gag scene. also s ballgag.
  • Slave Hunter #9-man follows woman home + chloroforms her. bondage/sex and cloth gags.
  • Slave Hunter #10- principal abducts school teacher. bondage/sex and long knotted cloth gag scene.


Abnormal Privacy

  • Abnormal Privacy #7- contains bondage/sex as well as a couple of tight knotted cloth gag scenes.
  • Abnormal Privacy #10- large breasted girl indulges in bondage/sex.
  • Abnormal Privacy #11- Woman meets guy for sex at hotel. She is then blackmailed into bondage /sex. Vibrators and S+M.
  • Abnormal Privacy #12- This film has a woman and her boss having bondage/sex. Some SM near end of film.
  • Abnormal Privacy #13- Very attractive woman goes on modeling assignment. Turns out to be trap as she is captured by 2 men and a woman. They take turns using their bound and gagged captive. For most of the film she is tightly gagged with a knotted cloth gag. One of our best films!.
  • Abnormal Privacy #14- Woman is captured and forced to strip. She is trained to be submissive and is later sold.
  • Abnormal Privacy #18- After work ends for the day, man grabs female co-worker, bonding and gagging her. She soon finds she like bondage. Some SM.
  • Abnormal Privacy #22-Woman is drugged, wakes bound and gagged. bondage/sex knotted cloth gag.
  • Abnormal Privacy #24- Woman learns the ways of bondage. SM, sex.
  • Abnormal Privacy #25- man rapes secretary, she later indulges him in bondage.cloth+ball gag scenes.
  • Abnormal Privacy #26- woman allows co-worker to tie+ gag her. 3 cloth, 2 ballgag scenes. bondage/sex.


Bondage Fantasy

  • Bondage Fantasy- 3 school girls bound and gagged; vibrators; more of a bondage film than S& M.
  • Bondage Fantasy #4- many different scenes. cloth stuffing, over the mouth and cleave gags. nudity + lingerie. some onscreen gagging.
  • Bondage Fantasy #5- mouth stuffing and over the mouth gags on large breasted woman. captive girl fantasy.
  • Bondage Fantasy#6- Lots of girls bound + gagged in lingerie. Topless nudity. 
  • Bondage Fantasy #7- 2 girls tie + gag 2 other women. Lots of onscreen tying+gagging.
  • Bondage Fantasy # 8- Girl-girl domination, onscreen tying + gagging. fondling, nudity.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Bondage Fantasy#10- 2 girls-light domination. lots of gags, knotted cloth,rope,tape,ballgag,cleave.
  • Bondage Fantasy#11- Topless nudity, fondling, bondage, sex, cleave gags.
  • Bondage Fantasy # 12- Girls are bound in different position. topless nudity, cleave gags.
  • Bondage fantasy #13- Girl-girl action, fondling, tape + cleave gags.
  • http://www.videomayhem.com/new.GIF (131 bytes)Bondage Fantasy#16-man lightly dominates girl. fondling. lball,tape,leather strap,cloth gags.
  • Bondage Fantasy #17- compilation of scenes, lots of tight cleave gag scenes.
  • Bondage Fantasy: Big Hip Clinic- Women go to clinic, are bound + gagged. Clothes are cut off them. Onscreen gagging.


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