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Bondage Fantasy #4

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Bondage Fantasy #15

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Bondage Fantasy #17

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Cinemagic Noir #244

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Abnormal Privacy #18

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Cinemagic L987

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Fetish Bondage #8

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Clover's Night #12

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Clover's Night #21

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S&M/Bondage -
All Japanese S& M/bondage videos make use of "Mosaic Blurring technology" to enhance eroticism.
  1. Abnormal Ecstasy- 2 men dominate a willing, sexy, young lady: lingerie and vibrators. add to order
  2. Bondage Lessons - man let's his supervisor have S&M sessions with his wife; then there is a threesome. add to order
  3. Bondage Nightmare #3- lots of violence, leather and lingerie. add to order
  4. Airline Stewardess captured by a sex sadist- S&M film. add to order
  5. Lover M- very attractive woman; S&M, lots of leather and rubber outfits. add to order
  6. Nishio Miki- Young girl captured for S&M , knotted cloth and ball gags. add to order
  7. Raping My Virgin Slave- Aunt and Uncle teach young niece about S&M. add to order
  8. S&M Torture Freaks #1-No subtitles. several short stories with whipping and candlewaxing. add to order
  9. All Women are Whores- No subtitles. Women kidnapped for rape and S&M. add to order
  10. Sadist Revenge- No subtitles. Man and women kidnapped for S&M. add to order
  11. Flowers and Snakes- No subtitles but easy to follow. Rape, man and his wife abduct 2 women. add to order
  12. Straight Fucking Man- No subtitles. All S&M, bondage. add to order
  13. Captured for Sex #2- Subtitles. Man and women held prisoners for sadist. add to order
  14. School Girls in Bondage- Young girls in bondage and S&M. add to order
  15. Abnormal School- Lots of different young girls in bondage/rape scenes. add to order
  16. Bondage after School- Schoolgirls kidnapped by man and women for S&M  sex. add to order
  17. Abnormal Hospital #2- bondage/sex And S&M. add to order
  18. Sense and Fascination- Bondage/S&M, more of a bondage film. add to order
  19. Rope World- Bondage film, NO S&M. add to order
  20. Shino Bu Hosokawa in Bondage- Bondage/ S&M. add to order
  21. Bondage Collection #4- Cinemagic film, several scenes with different girls; some S&M. add to order
  22. Snake & the Flower- Subtitled; Mother & daughter kidnapped by a group of white slavers; mostly all girls and a couple of guys: bondage and rape. add to order
  23. Bondage Desire- S&M; includes pregnant women tied up and other women has strap- on dildo sex with her. add to order
  24. Obsasan Rape- 3 masked men invade girl's apartment, gag and rape her. add to order
  25. Angels After School #1 and #2- Cinemagic. Several sex and Bondage scenes with different girls. add to order
  26. Abnormal Privacy- Cinemagic. Female model goes to man's apartment; Man pulls out a knife, ties and gags her, paddling, Vibrator insertion, whipping, and breast torment. add to order
  27. Japanese Erotic Video S&M Specials #56- Bondage and sex, Excellent film. add to order
  28. Crazy for Rope- Ropes, gags, and sex. add to order
  29. Japanese S&M # 333- Bondage, sex and S&M. add to order
  30. Bizarre Bondage Fantasies #3- Lots of different scenes , Ropes, gags, more of a bondage film. add to order
  31. Nazi Sex Slave- Rape, Bondage, live S&M shoes. add to order
  32. 100 Years of Torture Chronicles- Bondage, Rape, Lots of torture, 2 hours, Part 1 and 2. add to order
  33. Tortured Prisoner- Man and women kidnap young women for rape and Bondage. add to order
  34. Bondage Desire #2- Women has lots of bondage and S&M dreams. add to order
  35. Agent XX- Tapes 1,2,3- Each Film Contains nudity, gun fighting and a long bondage/torture scene. add to order
  36. Japanese Rope Bondage- Many Segments: Bondage, rape, home invasion, and rape bondage. add to order
  37. Secrets Picture show- Bondage sex, leather outfits, and lingerie. add to order
  38. Underground Video- Period film, Bondage, S&M, soft core film. add to order
  39. Female Rope slave- Bondage and S&M, Candlewax. add to order
  40. Submission of Himeyuri- Bondage/sex S&M, Vibrators and candlewax. add to order
  41. Bitches- S&M, slaves, bondage scenes and several gag scenes. add to order
  42. Japanese S&M #317- Onscreen tying and girl-girl sex action. add to order
  43. Japanese S&M # 25- Girl ties and gags herself and cadlewaxes herself, Guy ties up girl for bondage, sex and S&M. add to order
  44. Japanese S&M # 35- Bondage , sex , lingerie, and vibrators. add to order
  45. The Burning Slave- Vibrators, Bondage, S&M, Sex with three girls. add to order
  46. S&M Special #25- Bondage Sex S&M in Several different segments. add to order
  47. Captured Prisoner- Schoolgirls kidnapped for S&M, Rape. add to order
  48. Brutality of Tortured Women- Period Film, Lots of Bondage and Sex .add to order
  49. Night Of White Revenge- doctor puts his nurse through all kinds of S+M abuse, whipping, candlewax. She gets revenge in the end. add to order
  50. Abnormal Sisters #2- S+M film- some girl-girl action.  add to order
  51. S+M Slave Camp- despite title -no S+M- guy and his girlfriend delve into bondage+ sex fantasies. add to order
  52. Discipline Hell- softcore feature length film- contains rape and bondage as schoolgirl helps set a trap to capture teacher.  add to order
  53. Night Of White Revenge- Doctor dominates nurse- lots of S+M  add to order
  54. Bondage Collection- Guy comes to bind and gag the young woman.  add to order
  55. Fetish Bondage stress. no nudity.  add to order
  56. Super SM Bond Discipline-Bondage video with sex+ vibrators. add to order
  57. Slaves Falling In Dark-Very large number of scenes, different gags, contains SM.  add to order
  58. Hard Bondage- several segments, half of them have SM.  add to order
  59. Torture Of Japan- softcore film- 3 story, plenty of nudity and torture.  add to order
  60. Fetish Bondage #8= Masked gut comes onscreen to gag and fondle girl.  add to order
  61. Romantic Bondage #1- 2 girls in separate scenes play the damsel in distress.  add to order
  62. Immoral Angel #6- girl learns about bondage/sex. Rope + ballgags. add to order
  63. Abnormal Wedding- Woman experiences bondage as preparation for her wedding.  add to order
  64. Immoral Teacher- 2 students assault teacher. Later they break into her home and assault her again. Couple of good gag scenes.  add to order
  65. Bondage Fantasy Gags #2- 3 women take turns gagging and fondling each other. All kinds of gags are used and are applied onscreen.  add to order
  66. Bondage Fantasy #4- Mostly lingerie bondage with over the mouth gags applied onscreen.  add to order
  67. Nudity Bondage Fantasy #15- Stars a large breasted girl, includes breast bondage. Also a couple of storyline segments- guy picks lock, captures girl, unhappy employer leads to bondage. nudity.  add to order
  68. Sniper Video- Room Of Sodom- 3 girls are held captive. Lots of different gags, also sex, vibrators.  add to order
  69. Sniper Video- A Ward Of Bizarre- Lots of bondage/sex, vibrators and a couple of gag scenes.  add to order
  70. Scandal Special- Guy lets his boss use his girlfriend for bondage /sex. He later joins in for a threesome. vibrators and a couple of ballgag scenes.  add to order
  71. Hard Bondage JB #347- lots of onscreen tying, over the mouth gags.  add to order
  72. Japanese S+M #349- Many different segments, gags. Bondage/sex + vibrators. Includes segment D"s Gag- has ballgag + cleave gag scenes.  add to order
  73. SM Masochistic Doll- Woman enjoys bondage/sex. She sees a woman endure SM at a gathering and finds it exciting. SM+ a couple of cleave gag scenes. add to order
  74. Masochistic Doll #2- She gets her chance at the next gathering as she is bond and gagged for SM. add to order
  75. A lesson In Discipline+ Punishment- Lots of onscreen tying. Guy picks up girl at train station, gives her up to save his mortgage. Sex, very littlest.  add to order
  76. Its Only Bondage: Human Rope Lady Flesh Form- Lots of excellent ropework in this series. This video contains several onscreen gagging scenes. Guy fondles girl, vibrators.  add to order
  77. Its Only Bondage: Heavenly Knots- lots of positions + onscreen tying, lots of ropework.  add to order
  78. Its Only Bondage: Decadent Submissive Woman- Contains onscreen tying-specializing in lots of ropework.  add to order
  79. Red Wax: Tears In Blue Eyes- American couple visit Japan. Attractive blonde is introduced to Japanese bondage + SM. Bondage/sex, SM couple of gagscenes and some English spoken.  add to order
  80. Asako's Bondage- excellent ropework, suspensions. Cloth gags, knotted cloth gag. The Makeup With Rope: bondage/sex and plenty of SM Voluptuous Breast Binding: breast bondage and ball gag as well metal gag that stretches the lips apart  add to order
  81. Rope up- Rock Concert- several onscreen gag scenes. couple of cleave gagscenes, ball gag and cloth stuffing with cleave gag. bondage/sex some SM.  add to order
  82. T Back Panty Slave- candlewax, whipping, breast torment, bondage/sex and ballgag.  add to order
  83. Trap For Wild Female- call girl is lead around on a leach. whipping, candle wax, ballgag.  add to order
  84. Busty Slave #4- lots of SM + bondage sex. cloth and ballgags.  add to order
  85. Bondage Nightmare- bartender drugs girls drink- she awakens a bound captive. SM ballgag.  add to order
  86. Fantasy Of Female Inmate: Cinemagic film with bondage+SM.  add to order
  87. Japanese Erotic Video #42- girl endures bondage/sex,vibrators. add to order
  88. Temptation Of Immoral Angel- Schoolgirl + teacher bondage lessons-attractive girl.  add to order
  89. Bound Call girl Slut Slave- bondage/sex,plenty of SM, panties taped in mouth.  add to order
  90. Japanese Erotic Video #49- large breasted woman, leather, rubber outfits,bondage.  add to order
  91. Bondage Gear- Lots of different segments(same girl) many onscreen gagging scenes with different gags. topless nudity.S+M .  add to order
  92. Forbidden Flowers-candlewax, whipping, vibrators and rope gag.  add to order
  93. Bondage Master-excellent ropework, cloth stuffed with knotted cleave gag,rope gag.  add to order
  94. Bondage captives- schoolgirl bondage/rape segments with attractive young women.Original Series#2: Black Wedding Belt- girl is interested in learning about bondage. bondage, vibrators, sex.  add to order
  95. Welcome To Waai Nakamura World- Couple decides to explore bondage+SM.ballgag scene.  add to order
  96. Screaming Rape#3- 3 men decide to attack + rape office co-worker.  add to order
  97. Best OF SM- bondage+ softcore rape segments from different Nikattsu films.  add to order
  98. SM Bondage Female Teacher- son hides and takes pictures of father having bondage/sex with his teacher. bondage, SM, vibrators.  add to order
  99. Merciless Rape On Female Prisoners- softcore film- couple of rapes, couple of bondage scenes as armed men take over a bus of female inmates.  add to order
  100. Captured Agent- female crimefighter captured by drug runners. bondage/sex.  add to order
  101. Sanwa Series #2- bondage/sex,vibrators, some SM.  add to order
  102. I never Forget You- lingerie, leather,rubber outfits. bondage/sex. Husband even films her gang bang.  add to order
  103. Zetsu: Document Of Violence Rape #3- 3 segments of rape scenes. bondage,several girls.  add to order
  104. Zetsu Document Of Violence Rape #5- more rape segments(3) with young women, bondage.  add to order
  105. Masochistic Slave #1- several women are put into bondage. bondage/sex, lots of onscreen tying.  add to order
  106. Masochistic Slave #2- lots of onscreen tying. SM bondage/sex.  add to order
  107. Masochistic Slave #3-bondage/sex,S&M couple of gag scenes.
  108. Sense+Sensibility-couple of women. Lots of onscreen tying.Masochistic Lady- Sex,lots of SM, bondage.
  109. Ultra D Special Women #1- bondage, leather strap bondage,sex,ball+leather strap gags.
  110. UltraD Special Women #2- bondage, leather strap bondage, sex.
  111. Art Classical Collection #2- bondage, leather outfits,vibrators.
  112. Slave Girl- Guy abducts girl off from streets. Keeps her bound+gagged in his apt. Several bondage/rape scenes.
  113. Toriko #3-To try to get debt settled casino owners abduct man's wife.bondage as well as rape scenes.
  114. The Woman Who Selled Out- Internet dating service has woman come in for interview. She finds herself bound+gagged, naked on examination table. She's trained and sold. 2 long kinky bondage scenes.
  115. Ol Imprisonment- photographer ties, rapes and kills models. One model is bound+gagged and taken to his summer home in country. several rape scenes.
  116. The Lady Teacher Was Raped-girl+ boyfriend bind+gag female teacher for her younger brother who has been fantasizing about her. several rapescenes.
  117. The Contractor Of Rape- girl staying in hospital has nurses raped so she can get closer to them. couple of long bondage/rape scenes.
  118. Sadistic Song- 2 girls are bond+gagged together. bondage,SM softcore sex.woman picks up guys for sex, then her friends rob tem. couple of bondage/rape scenes.
  119. The Report Of The Molester- A gun when fired turns woman into nymphos. couple of bondage scenes.
  120. Sting Operation- serial killer tape gags women + cuts off their nipples.several rape scenes.
  121. Flesh Meat Doll #1-bondage, vibrators,sex.
  122. Eighteen- girl stars in several different segments. bondage .
  123. Tsukaha#20:Demented Office Worker-Worker goes on rampage killing all co-workers. First he has them rape lone female. He then abducts her.bondage, rape.
  124. Abnormal Prison- female warden allows men to rape female prisoners. Woman investigating her sisters complaints goes to warden who drugs her. bondage,little SM, rape.
  125. Lady Poison: Beasts Of The Underground-female serial killer likes to watch men die. She is captured by sex sadist. couple of bondagescenes. Final one very long, kinky. rape also. Has subtitles.
  126. Art Classical #4 vibrators, sex, SM.
  127. A Mass In Rape/ Awful Torture- some SM vibrators, cloth+stickgags.
  128. In The Illusion- period Film excellent ropework,lots of outdoor bondage+suspensions. Some M+ girl-girl action.
  129. Professional Rapist- 3 different segments. one has bondage/sex,another is a home invasion/rape.
  130. Perverse Torture-guy rapes girl at knifepoint.
  131. SM Security Rape-woman is abducted by security guard. bondage/sex,long ballgag scene.
  132. Callgirl Bondage- Callgirl ends up in bondage. bondage/sex/vibrators and long ballgag scene.SM.
  133. Blackmailed For Bondage- woman poses for bondage photographer.bondage/sex.couple of ballgag scenes, SM. he uses photos to blackmail her.
  134. Bondage Is My Business- softcore film wit women performing before paying audience in SM club.
  135. Rape- softcore film- woman is raped. She decides she likes dangerous situations.Several rape scenes, couple of bondage+gag rape scenes.
  136. Rape Panic Inn- couple of bound+ gagged scenes. girl talks 2guys into raping woman who is cheating with her husband.
  137. The Rape Hell- masked rapist attacks schoolgirl+ teacher in a series of rapes. long rape scenes. one bondage rape scene.
  138. High School Girl Rape: School girl abducted by 3 men+gang raped. Some bondage.
  139. Super Rape#1-10 girls in 10 different rape segments.
  140. Super Rape#2- 10 more girls in rape segments, half of which contain bondage. bondage/rape .
  141. Gang Rape Campus#1- armed man invade campus, raping teachers and students alike.
  142. Gang Rape Campus #2-sequel starts where #1 left off. Teachers try to rescue students. gunplay, rape.
  143. Confinement Rape- Guy knocks girl out with a stun gun, she awakens bound+gagged. rape+bondage.
  144. Erotic Woman In Bondage#4- onscreen tying+gagging. one bondage/sex scene.
  145. Erotic Woman In Bondage#5- onscreen tying, lots of vibrators used.
  146. Rape Panic Bank: 2 robbers rob bank killing everyone but one pretty teller. They keep her in bondage. bondage/rape .
  147. Rape Panic Lodge-Sequel to Rape Panic Bank, robbers/rapists invade lodge where 2 attractive women are staying. Story centers around the constant rapes of the women. Strange police officer seeks to help. bondage. Excellent!.
  148. Rape Panic Hospital: Man holds Dr. and his wife and teenage daughter bound + gagged in their hoe. Forces husband to watch the rape of his wife + daughter.
  149. Girl In Red Dress- Raped, later abducted girl is kept bound and gagged. She convinces abductor to capture husband"s mistress for bondage and rape. Excellent!
  150. Nikkatsu #871-Man rapes stepdaughter several times.  She decides she likes it.
  151. Nikkatsu #836- girl joins underground SM show. Lots of bondage. Bondage/sex.
  152. Collector Private Sessions- teacher is bound, gagged and raped.  Soon after she is abducted. Student investigates, but finds herself a bound+gagged captive also. lots of bondage/rape. Excellent!
  153. Bound For Rape- Mother+daughter get abducted. nudity, bondage/rape.
  154. Nikkatsu #982- 2 men+a woman tie+rape women. They also blackmail a bride to be. Lots of bondage/rape.
  155. White Slave Market-Women are abducted, trained as sex slaves. rape,bondage scenes.
  156. Nikkatsu#922- Boss gets revenge on co-worker. He has her+ her boyfriend captured. He and his friends rape and abuse her in front of boyfriend.
  157. Black Hell Bondage- Men are entertained with SM shows at Black Hell Club. They use some of the girls for private entertainment.
  158. Dentist Office Captives- Escaped convict, with a knife holds 2 girls captive, raping them.
  159. Momoturo Video #5- stringent bondage, plenty of SM, onscreen tying.
  160. Bizarre Orgasm #1- pump gag, straps, tarantula+worms play a part.
  161. JB #195- girl dreams of SM. Soon her + another girl are bound. Bondage/sex
  162. Cinemagic L934- attractive girl- lots of bondage/sex, couple of cleave gag scenes.
  163. Punished Wife- Man has 2 men+a woman train his wife to be a slave. Bondage/sex some SM
  164. Urban Dangerous Zone- leather+ leather strap bondage. Bondage/sex
  165. Abnormal Hunting- contains bondage, bondage/sex and lots of SM.
  166. The Submissive Wife- girl enjoys rough sex+ bondage. She begins working in an SM brothel. rape, sex
  167. A Daughter"s Training- Man has daughter, abducted, chloroformed, taken away in van for training. sex, bondage
  168. Runaway Girl- taken for a ride, raped in field.  Then taken to abductors house. SM couple of long ballgag scenes, also tape gag.
  169. Girl Abducted- girl picked up by woman, man in back seat chloroforms her. She awakens bound+gagged. bondage/rape. Also girl-girl action.
  170. Snow Bondage-outdoor winter bondage. 2 girls dominate 2 other girls. SM bondage, girl-girl action.
  171. Original Series #4- 4 girls star in different segments.
  172. Nikkatsu #824- Woman becomes interested in a bondage photographer.  She is bound+ gagged and raped by 2 men. Photographer ends up with 2 willing bondage captives. bodega/sex.
  173. Kimono Babe In Hell- girls fantasies are reenacted plenty of S+M bondage/sex.
  174. The Rape Files Vol. #1- 4 girls in separate rape segments.
  175. The Darkest Nightmare- 5 girls in more rape segments.
  176. The Most Wicked Rape- School girl, female inmate, nurse and piano teacher are raped in these stories.
  177. Dark Rape Cases- 12 rape cases, 9 of these involve 2-4 guys. 
  178. Pretty Girls Nightmare- rape segments, bondage/sex. school girl segments.
  179. Gagged: Bondage in White- onscreen tying+ gagging, over the mouth with stuffing gags.
  180. Heavy Torment: Masochistic Girl #3-  3 segments, plenty of SM, onscreen tying.
  181. All Of Me- Onscreen tying+ gagging. Ballgag, cleave+ knotted cloth.
  182. Bondage: Ropes- onscreen tying, couple of onscreen gag scenes.
  183. It's Only Bondage: Roped, Ripe+ Ready- lots of excellent ropework, nudity.
  184. Erotic Scandal: L1032- bondage/sex, leather outfits.  One scene  where a woman is working after hours and is attacked. Bound + raped.
  185. Violence Love- Nerd working at TV station abducts talk show hosts.  He binds+ gags her and takes her home.  bondage/rape.
  186. Bud Of Wtia- guy picks up girl at bar. She discovers his drug business,  He keeps her bound+ gagged at his apt. Several different cloth gags. Onscreen tying + gagging.
  187. Ninja Slave- girl dreams of going back into the past. bondage, sex, girl-girl action. some SM period film.
  188. SM Documentary- girl dominates 2 other girls. Lots of fondling, girl-girl action, bondage.
  189. Nikattsu a-30 Lots of girl- girl action. Plenty of bondage/sex. Man dominates his wife+ daughters girlfriend.
  190. Nikkatsu OL Slave- Woman is stalked, then abducted. Her niece is later captured as well. bondage/rape, nudity, girl-girl action.
  191. Confine + Rape: 24 Hours- guy abducts schoolteacher, pulling her into van. He holds her captive, raping her. Bondage.
  192. Dark X-009- office worker is raped by company manager + co-worker.
  193. Home Invasion: 4 guys invade home of girl, raping her.  They decide to take her, raping her in the car, while she is bound. She is kept tied up, taken to remote home where more assaults take place.
  194. Subway Serial Rape Series: #1= Girl is gangraped on subway. Same 3 guys abduct her later, raping her.  She is rescued but end up tied to his bed and raped as well.
  195. Subway Serial Rape #2- Another gang rape in subway as well as couple of other gang rapes. Bondage
  196. Subway Rape Series #3-Girl tries to avenge her+ friends gang rape. Several gang rapes. Bondage
  197. Rape Panic Mansion- girl in elevator is grabbed, bound and gagged.  They invade home of her friend. Plenty of bondage/rape.  Excellent
  198. Rape Panic Bus- Armed man take over bus raping the girls aboard.
  199. Madona Mate VIdeo-133- Man & woman grab schoolgirl, pull her into van, chloroform her. She awakens bound + knotted cloth-gagged. Lots of girl-girl action,  strap-on dildo sex, fondling.
  200. Yuriko Hosokawa In Bondage- woman is put into many bondage positions. Lots of knotted cloth + ballgag scenes with drooling. fondling, vibrators, lots of gagged closeups.
  201. Tatooed For Torture- hotel/casino owner chains + ballgags his female guests. He rapes and tatooes them.
  202. Basement Bondage- 3 guys tie up and rape girl. SM, vibrators.
  203. Apt. Bound- 2 guys keep girl tied up in apt. vibrators, fondling, bondage/sex.
  204. Blame and Punishment: Female Bondage Daughter see"s guy with mask has her mother tied+gagged. The man finds her, ties+gags her as well. bondage/sex. 2nd segment same guy ties+gags another girl. 4 cleave gag scenes- 2 onscreen.
  205. Blame and Punishment- Girl is tied up in many different postions. cloth gag scenes, s/m 1 bondage/sex scene.
  206. SM World Of Shikoh Shima: Mad Torture- guy+ girl indulge in bondage/s/m. bondage/sex, 5 gag scenes,3 onscreen. ball, bit, inflatable.
  207. SM World of Shikoh Shima- girl is put into dozens of s/m scenes, indoor+outdoor scenes.
  208. Its Only Bondage#374- lots of tying+gagging. 4 cloth, 1 ballgag scene. vibrators.
  209. It"s Only Bondage: Love Slave- onscreen tying, suspensions, 2 rope, 1 cloth gag scenes. fondling, 1 s/m scene.
  210. Dirty#62- 5 women in different segments. bondage/sex, vibrators. 3 cleave gag, 1 rope gag scene.
  211. Art Video 1475- girl-girl domination video. SM, fondling, strap on sex,s+m
  212. Kan L1858- several different segments, different girls. bondage/sex. Final segment 2 guys rape girl in bar.
  213. Kidnapped Schoolgirl- 4 guys abduct schoolgirl on her way home. She is cuffed and raped at knifepoint. Then guy rapes her again, filming it.
  214. Gang Rape School- schoolgirl+ teacher are held captive by group of guys+2 women. They are gangraped. bondage
  215. After School Rape- Girl is raped after school by teacher. Next morning at school he rapes her again. He ties+gags her so he can rape her again after school day ends.
  216. LX#3- Guy invites 2 girls back to his house, where his father+stepmother tie up the girls, raping them. Later his girlfreind gets into girl-girl bondage action with his stepmom/ bondage/rape
  217. LX#4- 4 men+a woman abduct man, his wife+daughter. They force him to watch his wife and daughter being raped.
  218. DK#63- 6 girls in different segments. 5 cleave gag, 1 ball, 1 rope gag, couple done onscreen. fondling, bondage/sex.
  219. Female Gang Rape Incidents- 5 stories of gangs of girls attacking girl.strap on rape.
  220. Art Video#1695- girls star in segments which include bondage/sex+lots of SM.
  221. Art Video#2026- 1 girl ends up being tied up for fondling, vibrators, SM. Sex
  222. Super Rape#3-8 stories of girls being stalked, raped by single attacker.
  223. Super Rape#4- 10 segments of girls being raped, usually by 2 men.
  224. ABU#1046- 2 women engage in bondage/sex with 4 guys. Girl-girl strap on sex as well.
  225. Art Collection#1916- 3 guys torment woman. lots of SM, bondge/sex,long > cleave gag scene.
  226. The Bank Robber- 3 armed men invade bank, take 3 female tellers hostage. > Girls are all raped. bondage
  227. Stalker Rape#1- Stalker sets up survelliance camera in girls apt. He > watches while his partner goes and rapes her. Tied to a chair, knifeplay, > bondage/rape. The Stalker/killer then pays the girl a visit.
  228. Stalker Rape#2- Stalker watches camera as partner handcuffs+rapes girl. > Too late she discovers her freind is the Stalker/killer.
  229. Tokyo City Rape File#1-Woman leaves boyfriend, has sex sessions with > another man. In second part of film, former boyfriend brutally rapes her.
  230. Tokyo City Rape File#2- Woman leaves boyfriend- begins sex affair. > Boyfreind gets revenge by brutal raping her in long scene.
  231. Aibu#9- High school girl is tied up by 2 guys. First one for fondling, vibrators, second guy for bondage/sex.
  232. new.GIF (131 bytes)Sod- Teacher Rape- 2 student put on masks enter teacher's home, rape her at knifepoint.
  233. new.GIF (131 bytes)Art Classical Collection#24- Hightlights from different Art videos. Plenty of SM. Cloth, ball, rope, mouth stuffing gags.
  234. new.GIF (131 bytes)Kitan Kurabi#21- Girl is tied up in many postions. Couple of gag scenes. leather outfit in several scenes. Some SM, sex.
  235. new.GIF (131 bytes)Kitan Kurabi#56- Lot's of onscreen tying, fondling, bondage sex. Different segments+girls- plenty of SM.
  236. new.GIF (131 bytes)Collection: Kidnap Story- Man chlroforms high school girl, puts her into his car trunk. Girl awakens bound+gagged. Lot's of bondage also bondage/rape scenes. She eventually decides to stay with her abductor.


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